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The Oficina de Filosofia Analítica (OFA) is a graduate workshop in analytic philosophy (broadly construed), designed to provide a stimulating environment for graduate students and recent postdocs to present and discuss their work. OFA has been co-organized by the Portuguese Philosophy Society (SPF) and the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy (SPFA) since 2006, and by the LanCog research group since 2012. This year’s edition – OFA 11 – will be organized by the student group Argument Clinic, from the University of Lisbon.

OFA began as an informal meeting of postgraduate students and postdocs in 2006, and continued as such for some years. Those meetings took place in a seminar room at the beautiful old building of the Portuguese Philosophy Society. OFA’s goals were then for the participants to better know, and critically discuss, each other’s work, and to strengthen the Portuguese analytic philosophy community. These never ceased to be part of our aims.

In 2012, OFA became an international graduate workshop. Editions 8 to 10 accepted submissions not only from Portuguese researchers and researchers based in Portugal, but also from international researchers. OFA thus tried to forge academic links between the Portuguese and the international graduate and postgraduate communities, contributing to their training and raising their standing in the overall international scene, in a most successful way.

However, following the great decrease of national participation in recent editions, OFA 11 recovers its original purpose of helping to consolidate the Portuguese community of analytic philosophers, and only accepts submissions from Portuguese researchers and researchers based in Portugal.

Please search the Call for Abstracts for the submission guidelines.

About the organizers:

The Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy (SPFA) was created in September 2004 with the aim of promoting philosophy as practiced in the analytic tradition in Portugal, and contributing to the greater involvement of the Portuguese community working in the analytic tradition in the international philosophical community.

The Portuguese Philosophy Society (SPF) was founded in 1977. It is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement and teaching of philosophy. SPF supports research projects, organizes conferences, open courses, teachers’ and researchers’ meetings, and supports publications with interest to the philosophical community. The role of SPF is recognized by public and official institutions in Portugal.

The main aim of the LanCog Group is to carry out high quality research on central philosophical problems about the nature of language, mind and cognition. LanCog’s activity covers topics on Philosophy of Language, Logic and Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Metaethics, as well as issues in the intersection of Philosophy and other disciplines in the multidisciplinary field of Cognitive Science (Computer Science, Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience).

Argument Clinic is a philosophy student group based at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. The group was created in 2011, and meets in a weekly seminar where its members submit their work to their peers’ critical and logically disciplined appreciation.

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